Out to Sea: A Pattern & Album

I made this pattern, “Out to Sea”, for my husband’s Indiegogo campaign to fund his first album.

My husband, Rigel, decided to pursue music full time a year ago. He has spent the past year preparing to produce his first album, and is fundraising for it now. Some of the perks include notecards or socks with this pattern on them. Visit his Indiegogo campaign to contribute now.

I’ve also made this pattern available as a wallpaper for your computer or phone. Enjoy!

Out to Sea Widescreen Wallpaper
Colorful sailboats on a blue background
Out to Sea Laptop Wallpaper
Colorful sailboats on a blue background
Out to Sea Phone Wallpaper

Winter Trees Pattern & Wallpaper

I made this pattern about a week ago, but haven’t had time to post because of, you know, a sick and teething toddler. I am enjoying the process of learning how to make more complex repeat patterns and transforming my sketches into finished projects. I always waffle on color choices, though. I tend to choose very bright colors for everything (you should see our house). Whenever I experiment with more neutral or non-primary colors, I squirm in my seat.  Originally, this pattern had a softer blue and a darker green, but I ended up liking the brighter versions more. I also think it would look awesome in red and white (I’d make everything red if I could).

I hope you enjoy this as a desktop background too; it’s a nice winter wonderland for me to look at while I’m at work. This is the most snow I’ll probably see in Texas this year ;).

Happy Holidays!

Pattern of green fir trees and white snowflakes on a blue background
Winter Trees Widescreen Desktop Wallpaper
Winter Trees Laptop Wallpaper
Pattern of fir trees and snowflakes on a blue background
Winter Trees Phone Wallpaper

Tulip Pattern & Wallpaper

Last week was a bit crazy (understatement) in our household with a stomach bug. I was supposed to be at the CreativeMornings Summit conference for 3 days, but instead was only able to attend one half of one day.

Just before the shit hit the fan, I managed to sneak in a quick pattern for the Pattern Camp weekly challenge: black + white + one color. This tulip pattern started out months ago as a doodle in my moleskine:

Black and white tulips drawn in a notebook, with fingers holding the page openI scanned it, added some color created the pattern below for your digital downloading pleasure. It’s available in widescreen, laptop and phone sizes. Hope you enjoy!

White and pink/red tulips on a black background
Tulip widescreen wallpaper
White and pink/red tulips on a black background
Tulip laptop wallpaper
White and pink/red tulips on a black background
Tulip phone wallpaper

Ghosts Desktop Background

Last weekend I participated in Jessica Swift’s Pattern Camp. I learned how to make patterns out of all of the things.

Every week there is a new pattern challenge in the Pattern Camp group. This week’s was “Ghosts” so I played along to practice my skills.

Here are a couple of desktop backgrounds for your downloading pleasure using my quick and dirty Ghosts pattern:

Tiny white ghosts on orange background
Ghosts: Standard Desktop Background
White ghosts on orange background
Ghosts: Widescreen Desktop Background