Hope for 2017

All in all, my 2016 wasn’t so bad, but I know it really stunk for a lot of people—and the national and international news/events didn’t help. I’m hopeful for 2017. I also find much of the artist community to be hopeful. I think artists are apt to see what is good and beautiful in the world, and in doing so, they stir up hope where none can be found. Here’s just a tiny roundup of the light that some artists I follow are bringing to 2017, as shared on Instagram:

Andy J. Miller: Illustrator & Creator of the “Creative Pep Talk” Podcast

I can’t get enough of the “Creative Pep Talk” podcast right now. It is helpful, encouraging, and entertaining all at the same time. I also enjoy Andy’s outlook on the world.

I get worried when I hear everyone already writing off 2017. . In fact, I’ve watched my own enthusiasm for going back to work in 2017 start to dwindle. . At first I thought maybe I was just burnt out from hustling and juggling with the class, the podcast and illustration. . Then I realized it’s nothing to do with burn out or exhaustion. It’s all wrapped up in hope. When my hope for growth, change and progress dwindles, so does my drive. . YOUR HOPE = YOUR DRIVE . This morning, I kind of just pepped myself up. I don’t care whether it’s false hope or what, all I know is, the more hopeful I am, the more I’ll be driven to make 2017 count. . If you thought 2016 sucked, don’t give yourself over to hopelessness. If we do give up, you can count on this: 2017 will be no better! . I really believe it’s those who can find hope in tough times that become the leaders who bring us to the other side. Cook up a vision of the future that inspires you and others to make next year a great one. 😘

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Honeyberry Studios: Illustrations by Yuko Miki

I was introduced to Yuko’s work when we both took Jen Hewett’s “Design, Carve, Print” online class and it’s been a pleasure to follow her work ever since. This was a part of her beautiful “Mindfulness” 2017 calendar, which has already sold out, but they are coming as greeting cards soon!

Lisa Congdon: Talented Artist, Illustrator, Author & More…

I’ve followed Lisa’s work for a few years and her Instagram is a never-ending feed of creativity. I find her work to be full of hope and truth.

Artists Take Action

This is a group that started after the 2016 election. They have an Instagram account to sell artists’ work and donate all proceeds to a chosen (rotating) nonprofit.

Jessica Swift: Surface Pattern Designer, Painter, & Creator of Pattern Camp

I took Jessica’s Pattern Camp class this fall and found her to be one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met. Her artwork and patterns are full of light & color. I’m excited about her new email series for 2017.

You guys, LOTS of you have signed up for this already and I’m so happy!! I wanted to share it here again, in case you might like to sign up today and start your 100 Uplifting Days of emails tomorrow, a very potent day indeed: January 1, 2017. The series is 100 emails, 100 days in a row. Artwork and words to go with it, all by me. And it’s FREE! Your first email in the series will arrive the day after you sign up. My hope is that this will become your favorite email to open each day. Want in? (I hope so!) You can learn more, see some sample images, and sign up on my website (link in profile above 👆🏼) Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!! #100upliftingdays #positivity #positivityquotes #upliftingquotes #2017 #newyear2017

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May everyone’s 2017 be full of hope, light, peace and joy. And when hope seems impossible, look to art.

Footnote: the image for this post is a quick sketch I did on New Year’s Day, photographed quickly between chasing my toddler (seen in the background) around the house. Nothing says “hope” like seeing the world through the eyes of an 18-month-old.